List of Directors and Their Role and Function

The members of the board of directors (the “Board”) of Hon Kwok Land Investment Company, Limited are set out below:

Executive Directors

Dr. James Sai-Wing Wong (Chairman)Mr. James Sing-Wai WongMr. Xiao-Ping LiMr. Philip Bing-Lun Lam

Independent Non-Executive Directors

Mr. Zuo XiangMs. Janie FongMr. David Tak-Wai Ma

There are two Board committees. The membership information of these committees on which each Board member serves are set out below:

Audit Committee

Mr. Zuo Xiang (Chairman)Ms. Janie FongMr. David Tak-Wai Ma

Remuneration Committee

Mr. David Tak-Wai Ma (Chairman)Mr. Philip Bing-Lun LamMs. Janie Fong