Employees are an integral part of our Company and we are devoted to providing our staff with a fulfilling work experience and career advancement. The Group implements different measures to recruit the best talents, help employees develop their full potentials and protect them from harm in the workplace.

Promoting work-life balance

We understand that employees view achieving a healthy work-life balance as a primary concern and the Group makes every endeavor to promote this goal. Starting 1 January 2019, we eliminated the alternate Saturday workday in our Hong Kong office and switched to a five-day work week so that employees can enjoy weekends with families and friends.

Activities for our employees

Employees are invited to participate in corporate events like Christmas Lunch, Chinese New Year Lunch, and Annual Dinner as well as other leisure activities such as recreational group outings, birthday parties, speech competitions and flower arrangement activities etc. By organizing different activities, the Group hopes not only to enhance the sense of belonging among employees but also foster a warm and friendly working environment.

To view more photos of our recent activities for employees, please visit News & Events.

Staff training and development

The Group is also dedicated to facilitating employees' knowledge acquisition and personal development. All new staff are given on the job training and assistance. To further nurture our talent, we organize both internal and external training events in accordance with the needs of our various different departments. Moreover, ample financial resources are granted for employees to apply for professional memberships, we hope our employees would not only obtain their professional qualifications but also leverage their expertise and contribute to our business operations.