Attracting Talents

The Group's Annual DinnerTo attract qualified talent, we provide competitive salary and employee benefits to our staff. The Group provides employees in Hong Kong with different Mandatory Provident Fund options and will match their selected contribution percentage. In an effort to better protect our employees, we also provide staff in Hong Kong with medical insurance scheme that covers not only ordinary and accident medical expenses but also partial costs of basic dental care services. We implement a five day work week in our Hong Kong office so that employees can enjoy weekends with families and friends. Also, employees working more than three years at the Group will be granted one additional day off each year until the number of total annual leaves reaches a maximum of 18 days. In addition, we provide maternity leave, marriage leave, leave for jury services, and compassionate leave. Besides ensuring adequate rest time for employees, the Group is devoted to enriching their work experience through the organizing of different group activities. Employees are invited to participate in corporate events like Christmas Lunch, Chinese New Year Lunch, and Annual Dinner as well as other leisure activities such as recreational group outings , birthday parties, speech competition s and flower arrangement activities etc.By organizing different activities, the Group hopes not only to enhance the sense of belonging among employees but also foster a warm and friendly working environment.

Staff participating in the Group’s speech competition

Retaining Talents

The Group believes that the development of a sustainable human resources strategy relies on an organization's ability to assist employees in climbing the career ladder and achieving work accomplishments. Only through taking care of the long term development of our employees will we succeed in retaining talented individuals and sustaining long term business growth. We set up an annual salary review session to evaluate employee salary progression based on their performance over the year and reward their contributions accordingly. "The Group is also dedicated to facilitating employees' knowledge acquisition and personal" development. All new staff are given on the job training and assistance. In our Mainland China operations, groupt raining is provided to newly hired staff regularly to accustom them to our corporate culture and employee's ethics.

Staff participating in an internal Microsoft Excel training workshop

Safeguarding occupational health and safety

The Group provides our employees with a safe working environment and protects them from occupational hazards. The Group strictly abides by relevant laws and regulations in our operating locations, including Occupational Safety and Health Ordinance (Cap. 509) in Hong Kong, Work Safety Law and Prevention and Control of Occupational Diseases Law of the People's Republic of China. The Group incorporates an Office Health and Safety guideline into the Employee's Handbook . With an aim toward raising employee awareness of fire hazards and electricity overloading, our Employee's Handbook expressly discusses available safety measures, such as the locations of firefighting equipment, a floor plan displaying exit routes at our offices, and the presence of a sprinkler system .